Lexington’s Professional Baseball Team to restore Legends name with new imagery 

(LEXINGTON, KY) – The worst kept secret in town is out: The Lexington Legends are back.  The new ownership group, Temerity Baseball, previewed an impending name change last  month with owner Andy Sandler suggesting it would be “legendary,” and Legends founder Alan  Stein celebrating his return to ownership by breaking out his closet full of blue and green duds. 

Today the ball club revealed its restored identity to a packed room of fans at the Red Mile,  sharing not just the much celebrated and much-loved name, but also a series of images and  marks that create a complete style package for the Atlantic League team. For 20 years,  Lexington’s Baseball team was known as the Lexington Legends, and a return of the iconic  name was overwhelmingly requested by fans in a series of focus groups, surveys and social  media posts. Sentence here about WKYT Poll if we have it (In a January poll, more than xxx  people told WKYT, “Bring back the Legends!” 

The new face of the Legends is Mighty Lex, a debonair old school ballplayer with a handlebar  mustache, mischievous smirk, and knowing wink. A contemporary of Mighty Casey from a  legendary bygone era, the Legends can promise joy in Lexington when Mighty Lex is in town.  

Other imagery features the famed Legends mustache once worn proudly by Big L and now by  Mighty Lex. Also back, the “Kentucky L,” an “L” made with the outline of the great state of  Kentucky, and the stacked LEX text. Home and road jerseys feature new, custom “Legends”  and “Lexington” cursive word marks, an homage to the scripts that have adorned classic  baseball jerseys for generations. 

“Being able to create this new brand identity for the Lexington Legends was particularly  meaningful to me, as Kentucky has been my home for the past 20+ years. I am very excited to  see this new identity being worn by the players and enjoyed by the fans at Lexington’s stadium,  a ballpark that will always hold a special place in my heart, as my son and his teammates won  the Kentucky state high school baseball championship there,” said designer Dan Simon of  Studio Simon. Simon designed the full suite of Lexington marks.  

Owner Andy Sandler, “When we first visited Lexington, we felt that legendary vibe, driving past  iconic horse farms and sipping bourbon while admiring the classic Legends Lane ballpark and  imagining the enhancements to come to the ballpark and its surrounding property in the heart of  Lexington. We cherish the opportunity to bring back to the community the team’s name and  restore the baseball experience so cherished by generations of Lexington families.” 

The team revealed their new identity and its marks with a celebration for over 300 fans at Red  Mile. Merchandise is available now at and at the team store at 207 

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